“And who is my neighbor?”*

Throughout the Bible, we are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus defines this for us in the parable of The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). In response to a challenge from a lawyer, Jesus relates the well-known story of the Jewish man that was beaten by thieves on the road and left for dead only to be passed by twice by other Jews who were unwilling to help him. Finally a Samaritan, a group of people despised by Jews at the time (and vice versa), stopped and dressed the man’s wounds, put him on his donkey and brought him to the nearest inn where he paid for his care, food and lodging and told the innkeeper if more expenses were incurred in his care, he would pay those too.

Jesus’ message here is that our neighbors are all of humanity, including our enemies. We are to help those in need, regardless of how they may have gotten to such a state and even if we disagree with their lifestyle choices, etc. We give out of obedience and gratitude, because much has been given to us – without our deserving it. Go and serve God by serving someone else today! Thanks for reading, please comment below.

Blessings, Gregg

*Luke 10:29, NASB

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