No Fair!

In one of Jesus’ most paradoxical parables (Mat. 20:1-16), he tells of a vineyard owner who hired laborers early one morning to work for the day at a wage that both parties agreed was fair. As the day wore on, the owner went out to get more workers at different times and agreed to pay the “whatever is right”. At the end of the day, the owner paid his workers in order of who arrived latest; all of the workers, regardless of how long they worked, were paid the amount the owner agreed to pay the workers who came first. At this, those who arrived first complained that they were not being treated fairly to which the owner responded that he paid them what they agreed upon and that he was free to be generous to the others as he saw fit. There is a lot packed into this parable that deserves to be discussed, but in the interest of brevity, I will discuss the aspect that most applies to the mission of BBNF.

At first blush, it seems that the early workers have a valid complaint. However, one of Jesus’ points is that God delivers on His promises and for that we should be grateful and further, all of humanity can receive His blessing, even if, to the world (to us), some seem more deserving than others. This is a little tough to swallow in today’s merit-based society, but we must remember that it’s not our job to question how God blesses others, only to be grateful for how He has blessed us and to serve out of such gratitude. Thanks for reading, please comment below.

3 thoughts on “No Fair!

  1. I agree. I am always thankful for what God does for others. It should encourage us to know that He can also do it for someone else including me and you.


  2. I do not earn my Gods graces They are given by him knowing that there is a difference between just and fair. God will be just yet people want what is fair to themselves. You’ve written a few words but your actions speak volumes keep doing brother Greg SF


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