God and the Art of Happiness

“God wants me to be happy.” I have heard this phrase often, applied to many different sets of circumstances – in fact I have said it myself. Most of the time, when I have said this or heard someone else say it, it’s regarding a failing marriage, a challenging job, a financial crisis, etc. This sounds reasonable and there is some truth to it, but what is happiness? Happiness means many things to different people but it’s often applied to feelings of contentment, security, self-esteem and the like. It’s safe to say that almost all humans strive for those things and they are good things, but what God provides goes much deeper.

By focusing on our personal happiness as the solution to our problems and our ultimate goal, we are missing what God has for us and what he has for us to do. In surrendering our lives to God, we take our place as children of the omnipotent, omniscient Creator of the Universe – He can do and see anything and everything. He knows our hearts, He loves us more than anything and will answer our prayers. We worship Him and serve Him in everything that we do, which brings, among other things, the joy of the Lord. I understand that “joy” sounds like another word for “happiness”, but as applied here, it is so much more. It is indescribable delight in God, what He does for us and what we do for Him. When you accept God, you will likely find that what you thought would make you “happy” before is no longer important.

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