It’s A Miracle!

God is supernatural. He is all knowing and all seeing, He spoke the universe into existence, He made everything including us; in fact, we human beings were made to be in a special relationship with Him. All of this should sound rudimentary to Christians, but I think some of us live our lives as if this is not completely true.

Speaking for myself, but I suspect others have experienced this, I have come across confessing, long time Christians, even members of the clergy, who sometimes seem unenthusiastic about or even sceptical of apparent supernatural acts of God in people’s lives. Stories of salvation, (mine included), physical healing and life transformation are occasionally scoffed at by those who say that they believe in the God of the Bible. I realize that people in need of a “miracle” are vulnerable and often fall prey to unscrupulous, indeed heretical people who represent themselves as agents of God, but are really working only to make themselves rich. This is a black eye on our faith that gives many non-believers a reason not to believe. Fortunately, these charlatans are not the norm in Christianity.  

My point is this; we Christians, especially our leaders, need to remember that we believe in things that the world thinks are impossible. We believe in a God that can do anything – He can and He does, every day! We have a responsibility to encourage those whose lives have been touched by Him. As (non-Christian) Albert Einstein famously said, “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

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