Anger Management

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” James 1:19, NIV.

Most Christians know the above passage from James and I’m sure many non-believers have heard it too. Regardless of your beliefs, it’s a powerful passage and I think most would agree that it’s good instruction for living our daily lives. All three aspects of instruction are good and worthy of discussion; for the purposes of this post, I will focus on the last one.

I have struggled with anger, more specifically my expressions of anger my whole life. I spent most of my adult life justifying angry outbursts – “why can’t I show my anger by shouting, slamming, throwing things, etc.? Other people do it and I’m not hurting anyone.” I used to tell myself this all the time – in my weaker moments, I still do. There’s a lot wrong with this. True, there is nothing wrong with anger – even God gets angry, but there is a difference between what I describe above and God’s anger. Angry outbursts make people feel uncomfortable, even unsafe. Also, for me and I suspect for others if we’re being honest, most of what sparks an outburst has more to do with frustration over unmet, self-imposed, self-centered expectations. God’s anger is always righteous, having to do with injustice toward others – what we are called to care about. So next time you feel an outburst coming on, think about its source – is your anger righteous? If so, will an outburst serve the party in need? My guess is no.

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One thought on “Anger Management

  1. it would be unrealistic to think we will not get angry. take a moment ( or more ) to examine it and decide if it is really worth ruining yours or someone else’s day. Most time it is probably not. If it is, search for solutions. If none come to mind, pray on in, then let it go.


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