Fish Sandwiches

Jesus’ miracle of the feeding of the five thousand is represented in all four gospels (Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17, John 6:5-15) which not only adds credence to the actuality of the event, but it also speaks to the importance of its message.

Jesus knew exactly what he would do when he and the apostles encountered a throng of hungry followers, actually more than five thousand including women and children, yet he still tested the faith of his apostles by asking how they could feed this crowd, to which they responded that it could not be done. Jesus then proceeded to turn a small portion of food into enough to feed everyone there with some left over.

There are a couple of things to focus on here; first, we must remember who God is and what He can do. We must have faith that regardless of our circumstances, He is working things out for our good and ultimately to achieve His will. Next, we must have faith that God will provide for our daily needs, no matter how desperate a person’s situation.

With regard to the mission of BBNF, we know that at any time God can perform a miracle like the one described above, but we also know that miracles are often facilitated by God through agents like us. It’s true that a sandwich, a piece of fruit or a drink is not likely to transform someone’s life in and of itself, but the gesture of showing those in need that someone sees them and cares about them has power beyond any material gift – it’s within this power that God works.

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