Love? What’s That?

God is love. This truth is often repeated and has been for a very long time almost to the point of sounding trite. Often, the interpretation of this phrase is simplified to mean that God loves everyone and everything, always, no matter what. Though there is some truth in this interpretation, there’s a lot more to God’s love than that.

The forms of love that most of us know are romantic love, love for our families and friends, love of our jobs, hobbies, pets, food, etc.; though there are similarities, these are all somewhat different from God’s love which, as human beings, we can’t fully comprehend. God created us out of love, He desires to be in a special relationship with each of us out of love and ultimately, He gave His life out of His love for us. It’s important to add that, like a good parent, He disciplines us out of love. In addition, He does get angry, but like His love, His anger is different from what we typically know as anger. God’s anger is righteous, it’s about injustice against others and is based solely on His interest in achieving His will for us – which is our best possible outcome.

Though we can’t love exactly like God, He commands us to love others as ourselves and indeed to put their needs ahead of our own. He sent Jesus Christ to live in our hearts and He gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us in loving more like God. So speak to God in prayer, listen to His voice by reading His word – the Spirit will move you steadily in the direction of Godly love.

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