Why Worship?

Why are we commanded by God to praise and to worship Him? This very legitimate question is often asked and this topic is often written about and preached on, but I have found in my research for this post that satisfactory answers are hard to come by. I would guess that just about all non-believers, and indeed many believers, struggle with this concept, yet it is clear in God’s word that we are so commanded, so how are we to come to terms with this?

What I found to be the most cogent response to this question was from C.S. Lewis who struggled with this issue himself. Lewis was a devout Christian (a late convert) who believed in the God of the Bible who is omniscient, omnipotent, creator of everything and perfect in every way; nothing else can be compared to Him. Lewis noted that God is not being egotistical when He calls attention to this fact. His call to worship Him is not to stoke His ego, but rather, like everything else He does, is meant for our benefit. Lewis said that when we obey God’s command to praise Him, we assume the proper posture in the creator – creature relationship, but more importantly, we are brought closer to Him, the only perfect being. We are better able to enjoy Him, to feel His undying love for us, to learn how to better love like Him. There is no one else in Heaven or on Earth to whom the most appropriate response is worship and that by doing so, we are swept up in His glory.

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