Talking Snakes and Donkeys

For hundreds and hundreds of years, people have turned away from religion and spirituality over the question of “natural” versus “supernatural”. Tales of miraculous events that can’t be explained in natural, regularly observable and measurable terms have always had their sceptics, perhaps never more so than now. I get that. There was a time when I lined up with the critics and rejected Christianity on the grounds that these events could not have really happened. In my case, God produced an undeniable miracle right in front of me – it was His way of reaching this cynic, but not everyone has been so blessed.

The power of the gospel however, does not lie solely in the veracity of the events documented in the Bible but, more importantly, it’s in the wisdom that God’s word imparts on those who read it. The Bible is the main way that God speaks to us and behind just about every passage, there is a message of profound wisdom that we are meant to absorb. Sometimes, the message is a literal command, more often it is conveyed through a story; either related as an historical account or as allegory – in either case, God is speaking to our hearts, edifying us, transforming us.

As for me, I believe that the Bible is true, though I think that we do not know all we can about how to interpret it. When viewed as God’s wisdom imparted on the reader, the Bible is true – for everyone.  

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2 thoughts on “Talking Snakes and Donkeys

  1. Some questions remain but readimg the bible has helped. I’ve always strongly believed in God and the holy family but havr not read the bible until recently.


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