Jesus In Disguise

Jesus is God. He came to Earth in human form so that our relationship with Him can be reconciled. So that the penalty for our sins since the fall of mankind would be satisfied; He did this by dying for us on the cross. This is Christianity 101. What may not be so obvious is how deep and thorough the notion of sacrifice is to His character – especially as demonstrated in the person of Christ during his earthly ministry. Though Jesus was the Son of God and the Creator of the Universe, he repeatedly humbled himself and positioned himself as our servant. Doing so showed his followers and anyone else who was paying attention how we should position ourselves toward others.

It is important to note that Jesus served everyone, including and perhaps especially the downtrodden and oppressed. He healed lepers and lame beggars, he offered salvation to prostitutes and criminals. In his eyes, nobody was/is too lowly for the Kingdom of God. Indeed, he specifically instructed his followers to endeavor to see him in the faces of the poor and destitute (Matthew 25:40). A great quote from one of my favorite people, Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta) is, “in the poor, we find Jesus in distressing disguise.” With this in mind, I would challenge anyone reading this to remember Saint Teresa’s words and especially the words of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and look upon those in need, regardless of our personal feelings, opinions and biases, and simply serve them – even dare to love them.  

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