I Will Never Forgive That!

One of God’s commands to us that could be filed under “easier said than done” is that we are to always forgive one another. In Jesus’ Parable of the Unmerciful Servant (Matthew 18:21-35), he teaches in response to a question from Peter that that we are to essentially forgive unconditionally. In other words, if we are wronged, no matter how serious the offense, we are obligated to forgive.

So why are we to do this very difficult thing (besides the fact that we are commanded by God to do so)? Going back to Jesus’ parable, he tells Peter of a servant who had an insurmountable debt that his master graciously forgave him of. The servant then went out and demanded that a much smaller debt owed to him by one of his peers be paid immediately or he would be thrown into prison. This news got back to the master and he punished the ungrateful servant by forcing him to work of his enormous debt. The point Jesus was trying to make is that God does not put any limits on His forgiveness for our sins, which is way more than any human being deserves  – and He does this out of His love for us. Therefore, we need to keep in mind the scale of God’s grace towards us and our helplessness to rid ourselves of sin, whenever we are confronted with a situation where we need to forgive someone. We should especially be mindful of this the more hurtful and serious the offense is.

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Disclosure: The inspiration for this post came from a wonderful Bible study that I attended at my local church last night. A special thanks to our group leader Brian and for the authors of the study, A Gospel Centered Life, Robert H. Thune and Will Walker.    

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