Am I A Sinner?

I’m a Christian, I try to do good, to put others’ needs ahead of my own, I don’t kill or steal; I’m pretty sure I’m going to Heaven. OK, all those things are true, but so are these things: I sometimes lie (or tell half-truths), I gossip, I am prideful, lazy and often make decisions based solely on my best interests – and a lot more. I’m not being unnecessarily hard on myself, I really do these things, which doesn’t make me “bad” – however, it does make me a sinner, in other words, it makes me a human being.

We were created by God in His image and were perfect. God gave us the gift of free will, but it did not take long for us to misuse this gift, which put us in opposition to God. This is the legacy that we are all left with; it’s now part of our nature. True, it was necessary for God to intervene, to sacrifice His only Son so that we can be reconciled to Him, but that does not mean that we no longer sin, it only means that the penalty for our sins has been paid.

So yes, I am a sinner. But I am also a child of God. I have the gift of His grace. I have the help of the Holy Spirit to guide me and to mold me. As I inevitably continue to grow spiritually, some sins will subside, but surely I will become aware of other sins. Though in this life I will never be sinless, I have the assurance that God will always love me anyway.

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