A Stroll on the Lake

In the very well-known Bible narrative of Jesus walking on water, Jesus’ disciples find themselves in a boat, struck by a storm in the middle of the lake. They are badly shaken by their circumstances and as the storm rages, they see a figure walking toward them on the surface of the water. Unable to identify the figure in their fear, he identifies himself as Jesus. Peter, in a moment of faith and bravery, asks Jesus to call him out on the water with him upon which, like Jesus, he walks, but ultimately he panics and sinks – Jesus pulls him up.

There is deep wisdom behind the descriptions of events in the Bible. True, within the events as related are self-evident lessons, but there are also less obvious lessons for application in our lives today. The above narrative is a picture of us in turmoil, of our failure to trust Jesus at times and his of power to save us. Think of the events in your daily lives and how much stress they cause. Now relate that to the men in the boat, wasn’t their stress level pretty high? It’s very easy under these circumstances to not look to Our Savior, and when we do, for our trust in him to fail. When Peter finally recognized Jesus, he took a leap of faith, but was then overwhelmed by his circumstances and took his eyes off of his Savior. Jesus rebuked him for his lack of faith, but saved him from his situation and ultimately calmed the seas.

We can expect to be upheld by Jesus when we are going through difficult times. He will pursue us despite our failure to trust him sometimes – we must however, keep our eyes fixed on him and not on our circumstances.

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