It being Thanksgiving week, it seems obviously appropriate to write on gratitude. Though this opening probably sounds a little dismissive, gratitude is the essential fuel that runs the Christian life.

Many, if not most of our problems in this world, particularly in wealthy nations like ours, can be traced back to unmet expectations based on the inherent human trait of self-centeredness. As I have noted in several prior posts, we are fallen beings living in a fallen world and thus have an upside down view of success, happiness and purpose. When we look to the Cross, that is, what God has done for us – giving up His very life in the most humiliating, torturous way possible to a profoundly undeserving populace simply out of His deep love for us, we see the ultimate act of selflessness. When we humbly come to God, surrendering all to Him, knowing that there is nothing we have or do that He values, the Holy Spirit occupies our hearts and informs our thoughts and actions for eternity. We begin to transform and suddenly, the needs of others become more important than our own. We are freed from the prison of our prior expectations, priorities and perceptions of our purpose. We begin to feel deep gratitude for the breadth of the gift that we have been given and the peace that comes with it and feel empathy to those that have not yet accepted this gift.

This Thanksgiving, look to the Cross and know that it’s where our gratitude begins.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading, please comment below.

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