Sin, Increased

One of the Bible verses that I struggled with (until my pastor straightened me out) is Romans 5:20 (NASB) where the Apostle Paul writes: “The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more,”.

This doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would God give us the Law only to have us sin more? Is it that He wanted to give us an abundance of grace, perhaps as a display of His great love for us? Though it is true that the scale of God’s grace is displayed in this passage, He had more in mind. God’s Law was handed down not so that we would sin more, but so that we would (will) become more aware of our sin and of our sinful nature. Even Paul, in 1 Timothy 15-16 called himself the “worst of sinners”, twice! A good way to understand this is examining Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 5:27-28, on the commandment prohibiting adultery, Jesus says, the law extends to include lustful thoughts.

In this example, compliance does not come overnight, it takes the work of the Holy Spirit in a committed Christian to improve in this area. So the new Christian might think, “O.K., I just can’t sleep with anyone other than my spouse and I’m good.” But as the Spirit transforms the believer, he/she becomes aware of more nuanced sins like the one Jesus warns us about in the example above.

God will continue to give you grace, but expect as you proceed in your walk with Christ that He will reveal ways that you are sinning that you didn’t even think of. Thanks for reading, please comment below.

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