More On Sin

Last week, I wrote about Paul’s paradoxical passage in Romans where he suggests that with the Law, sin increases (see last week’s post for details). As is usually the case, there was much left unsaid – so I would like to expand on the topic of sin.

Again, we human beings are broken. This is of our own doing and we are helpless to resolve this predicament on our own. We can’t work our way into God’s good graces. This is true of every person who has walked the Earth since the beginning of time, whether it be Charles Manson or Saint Teresa of Calcutta – we are all sinners in need of reconciliation with God.

This has helped me understand this concept a little better; Theologian J. Gresham Machen points out that some of the early Jewish followers of Christ still held on to the idea that we should believe, then obey, then we are saved. Machen cites the letter to the Galatians where Paul corrects the order to; we believe, we are automatically saved and therefore, we obey. When we try first to obey (try to not sin) to earn God’s favor, we can never know how we’re doing versus what we think God expects. In addition, we are likely motivated by our need for self-satisfaction. When we fully believe that we are first accepted, forgiven and loved by God, we then obey out of joy and gratitude. We are doing it for Him, not for us. Our works (obedience) are not of our own, premeditated doing – they are the work of the Holy Spirit – which takes our self-interest out of the equation.

There’s a lot here, we’ll have more on this in upcoming posts.  

Thanks for reading, please comment below.


Notes on Galatians, Machen, J. Gresham

The Centrality of the Gospel (Sermon by Tim Keller on YouTube)

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