New Year, New Opportunity

Last week I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and one thing I want to clarify is that I find it helpful to attach new goals to a mile post, like the new year – it helps me focus. With that in mind, I have a suggestion.

Why not use the occasion of this New Year to dedicate your life to God. I don’t mean just reading the Bible more, praying more (both of which are on my list of resolutions). I mean truly and fully surrendering your life to God. Forget what you think you know about Christianity and the Bible and tell God that you surrender all to Him; your intellect, your will, your emotional needs (and material needs for that matter). No matter what your opinion is of who God is, who Jesus is, what He did and does for us and whether or not you think you need Him, if you believe in God, you must allow Him to speak to you….not by listening to yourself, but by listening to Him. If you believe He created you and everything else, then it’s pretty likely that He knows more than you and that He is greater than you in every way.

God reveals Himself to us in many ways, but the most direct way is in His Word. So don’t just read the Bible. Listen for God’s voice speaking to you in the Bible. When you hear it, tell Him that you are His and your life will never be the same.

Thanks for reading, please comment below.

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