Hard Times

Like everyone, Christians go through good times and bad – sometimes very bad. The good times are easy and, for me anyway, it’s easy to be grateful when times are good. When we face difficulties, we often find ourselves moving away from God. We may feel that He has let us down, he did not provide something we prayed for, we may have experienced personal loss – in all these cases, we often become angry with God and even start to question our faith. Sometimes it’s hard to go to church, read the Bible or even pray because we may feel there is no point to it.

It’s at these times that we need God the most. It’s at these times when He reaches out to us the most. We must remember that though God does answer our prayers, the result is not always made to order – His blessings often come in unexpected packages. An additional danger is attaching our faith completely to a major, even miraculous blessing that He might have bestowed upon us, whether it be related to our health or that of a loved one, our finances, our marriage, etc. because He does not guarantee smooth sailing in those areas.

God is faithful; He will see us through our struggles, but that does not mean that we will not have struggles. When times are hard, it’s important to remember our spirit of gratitude toward our faithful and loving God that we felt when things were better. He blessed us then, and ultimately he will lead us through whatever we might be going through now.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear your thoughts, please comment below.  

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