Doing Biblical Love

As Christians, we often hear that there is a difference between Biblical love and love as it is defined by the world and/or our culture. Many of us gloss over this fact and still lean towards the worldly understanding of love from time to time. This is completely understandable given that we are bombarded daily with movies, television, books, social media, etc. that reinforce such a definition. It’s important though, to not lose sight of God’s definition of love.

Here’s the difference. In our culture, love is viewed as something that happens to us. We fall in love, it is an emotion that we have no control over. In the Bible, love is not as much a noun as it is a verb, an action. We are commanded by God to love our neighbor, our spouse, our enemies, etc. This runs counter to what we are taught in our culture. In the case of marriage, we often love until we don’t feel in love anymore, then we either live with a loveless marriage or get divorced. The Bible’s command for us to love is expressed in a word that means to love sacrificially – to love when we don’t feel like it and when it costs us something, sometimes something very precious to us.    

So next time you are put in a position where you know someone needs help, whether it’s your spouse, a friend, a stranger or even someone you don’t like, swallow hard, remember what God means by “love” and do it.

Thanks for reading. If you found this useful, please share it. I also welcome your feedback, please comment below.

Source: Sproul, R.C., Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, 1992, Tyndale Publishing

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