Hidden Identity

I have touched on the topic of identity before, but there is more to be said on the topic, particularly on Christian identity.

Most of Western culture values success, which is defined as financial success, fame, material possessions, looks, the people you associate with, date or marry (and their looks), power, popularity; I think you get the point. These things are not inherently evil – we can have some or all of these things and still be Godly people. The issue is that when these things are put in front of us as ideals to be achieved in order to be adequately accepted in the world that puts a lot of pressure on us to accomplish these ideals to the degree that the world expects us to. We are making the world (culture) the master of our identity. We must attain these things first and then we are accepted.

God turns this equation around. When we accept His free gift of grace, the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. We are now children of the Creator who declares us righteous and worthy on the spot. We automatically are praised by the most praiseworthy entity that there is. Nothing in our culture can elevate us higher than that. So if the love of and praise from culture is what you crave and makes you feel accepted, worthy and successful, imagine how much more the love and respect of the Maker of Everything will make you feel. He is the real Master of Our Identity.

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One thought on “Hidden Identity

  1. And if you have all the aforementioned successes and leave God out of the equation, then you have received your rewards on earth not heaven . A short speck of time compared to eternal rewards to come


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