Christmas Movies

My family and I love Christmas movies. We try to watch a different one every night from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve; that’s not hard to do as new ones come out every year. Most of them have at least a slight message related to the significance of Jesus’ birth, but few really speak to the Good News and to the true Gospel. Two of my favorites do and in different ways.

The first one is It’s A Wonderful Life. In it, the main character, George Bailey, dreams of conquering the world, making a fortune and leaving his mark. Instead, he is called to stay in his home town to serve the common folk and defend them from a greedy rich man who would deny them a decent place to live. The Bible calls us to sacrifice even our own dreams and aspirations to serve others less fortunate just as Jesus sacrificed for us. In the end, George is hailed as “the richest man in town” due to his devotion to his family and to others.

The second one is Scrooge (the film adaptation of A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim, 1951). We all know the story. The miserly Scrooge has an epiphany and is redeemed, vowing to live the rest of his earthly life using his fortune to benefit others and to live a life of peace and joy with Christ in his heart.

Both men were redeemed. Bailey was doing the Lord’s work, but had to be shown that he was. Scrooge was a non-repentant sinner who had to be shown that he must change his ways and serve God by serving others.

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